Annual General Meeting 2012

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As directed under our Constitution Article 4 we are required to hold an Annual General Meeting of the Proprietors’ Association Glasgow Harbour, Taylor Woodrow Development within fifteen months of the previous AGM and we confirm this will take place on Thursday 18th October 2012 at St Peter’s Church Hall, on the corner of White Street and Chancellor Street, Partick, Glasgow G11 5PS at 7p.m.

Accordingly you are invited to attend this AGM. The purpose of this meeting is for you to receive a report on what has been achieved in the past year and to allow you an opportunity to express your suggestions and concerns on future proposals and priorities, whilst seeking your votes on the following two proposals: 1) Amendment to item 3.3.1 of the Constitution to allow sufficient representation for all 13 cores on the committee. 2) To increase the fabric fund from £25 to £30 per quarter.

Should you be unable to attend we enclose a Proxy Voting Form which we would urge you to complete and return to us either by post or by hand as advised at the bottom of the form prior to the meeting. This enables your vote to be counted by the Chairperson or your representative in attendance to validate the election or re-election of members as appropriate. As per the title deeds item 8.2.3. to ensure a quorum is achieved 20% of owners or their proxies are required to attend the AGM.

Due to time constraints on the evening we invite you to provide us with details of what is most important to you by completing the Feedback Form and returning it to us either via H&P or by using the red letter box adjacent to the DMO (concierge) office or by handing it to a member of the committee. In addition you may find it useful if you bring your copy of the Agenda to the meeting.

As always it is hoped that a number of proprietors may be able to offer their skills and experience as a committee or subcommittee member in support of our mutual invested interests and once again we are hoping that as many of you as possible will attend so that any decisions will fairly reflect the interests of all proprietors.

Area map showing Glasgow Harbour and AGM location.

Please be advised there is a ramp entrance from the White Street entry way for your convenience.