Annual General Meeting 2017

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On behalf of the committee, we invite you to the 7th AGM of the Proprietors' Association Glasgow Harbour (TWD) and confirm as previously advised in newsletter no.16, this will take place on Thursday 9th February 2017 at 7p.m. in St Peter's Church Hall, White St./Chancellor St., Partick. Please be advised that there is a ramp entrance at White St. for your convenience. We kindly request your arrival as early as possible to allow sufficient time for registration. Tea, coffee & biscuits will be available throughout the meeting.

The purpose of this meeting will be for the standing down of committee members and election /or re-election of the committee members. If you wish to be an active member of the committee for this coming year, please complete the relevant section of the enclosed form and return as advised. The committee are proposing to decommission the cradles, please read the overview. You can vote yes or no at the meeting or alternatively return the proxy form with your vote. We will present an overview of the committee’s work, over the past year as well as discuss future proposals for the development. H&P will also deliver their report on a variety of management topics. The minutes of the last meeting are now available and a paper copy is also available for collection from the concierge's office. Please advise any comments or corrections you may have regarding the content, alternatively you may wish to drop a note into the post box outside of the concierge’s office.

Should any owner be unable to attend, we urge you to complete the Proxy Voting form and return it to us either by post or by hand as advised on the form. It is vital that this is received prior to the meeting to ensure that your vote is cast and to enable the meeting to go ahead with the appropriate quorum as per the deed of conditions. If you return a proxy form and subsequently attend, your proxy will be returned to you upon registration at the door. As per the deeds, item 8.2.3 a quorum of 20% is required from attending proprietors or their proxies, should this not be achieved a decision will then be made by the Property Manager, whether or not to allow the meeting to go ahead. We urge everyone to attend or ensure that your proxy vote is exercised. Please note that it would be helpful if you could provide identification or quote your plot number at registration.

Due to time constraints on the evening, time available for questions is always short therefore we have enclosed a comments form which we would encourage you to complete and return. We will endeavour to deal with all pre-advised questions first. All documents can be returned to Hacking & Paterson at the above address, an envelope is provided for your convenience. Alternatively you may drop the forms into the green post box located outside the concierge office in the basement or you may hand them to one of the committee members. If you wish to add anything further for inclusion at the meeting please send an email using the heading AGM.

Please be advised that the closing date for receipt of all correspondence is Monday 6th February 2017.

List of AGM documents:

Locations of Glasgow Harbour and St Peter's ChurchLocations of Glasgow Harbour and St Peter's Church