Proposed Parking Charges

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Glasgow City Council proposes new parking charges at Beith Street, Meadow Road and Dumbarton Road in Partick. Signs have already been posted by the council in these roads.

Our problem is that the only unrestricted parking left in the area will be at Glasgow Harbour.

For more information please see the council website.

Scottish Water – Application Granted

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Scottish Water – Planning Application Granted.

Today we received a Notification of Decision for GCC Application Ref: 16/00390/DC. This application was granted subject to conditions.

For more details please see the Glasgow City Council website and enter the Reference Number noted above.

Scottish Water – Planning Application

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You cannot have missed that there is a major project underway at the moment at Glasgow Harbour. Scottish Water is currently upgrading the sewage feed into the River Clyde. For details of the planning application 16/00390/DC please see the Glasgow government website. There are a number of documents that you might like to review.

The Proprietors' Association Glasgow Harbour (Taylor Wimpey Development) committee have decided to raise an objection to the application. A copy of this letter may be found with the documents attached to the planning application.

If after reading the documents you feel that you would like to join us by raising an objection that would help us to influence Glasgow City Council as the council is more likely to be impressed by multiple objections than just a single one.

As usual if you would like more information please send us an email via our Contact page.

Hyperoptic 1Gig Fibre Internet

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Your Committee are always exploring ways to add value to the development and enhance the experience for residents.

One of these is looking into how the development can take advantage of the latest broadband products on the market to increase the speeds and quality of service for residents.

We are currently working with specialist broadband provider, Hyperoptic to bring the UK's fastest broadband speeds to the development. The broadband service is provided via a fibre optic cable directly to the apartment.

Due to the direct fibre connection, download speeds of 1 gigabytes per second can be achieved (1,000 M. This is 68 x faster than the UK average broadband speed and will be an excellent selling point for tenants as the development will have the UK's fastest broadband.

Increasingly purchasers of properties are checking broadband speeds when researching properties. Being able to say the apartment has access to the UK's fastest broadband will certainly add value to your apartment.

- - The reason for notifying you of the proposed installation of Hyperoptic is that one of their requirements to provide the service is for sufficient interest to be expressed. There is absolutely no commitment involved to subscribe to the service or any costs to register.

The service is also installed for free by Hyperoptic so there is also no spend from the service charge. Once the service has been installed, your will have the option to subscribe to the service, again this is not obligatory and you still have freedom to use your choice of provider.

To express an interest for your apartment, please visit the Hyperoptic web site.