Make your home a Green Home

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There is a lot we can do to make our homes greener and at the same time to save money. Until the end of March 2014 the Scottish Government is offering owners, tenants and landlords up to £1200 towards energy efficiency measures.

Find out more at the Energy Savings Trust for Scotland. You will find our own poster on the basement notice boards.

Good Neighbours of the four-legged variety

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A recent campaign by Glasgow City Council to highlight the responsibilities of dog owners and the consequences when those responsibilities are not acted upon has filled radio and newspaper advertising.

The enforcement team are encouraging us to call them if we witness owners not cleaning up after their pooch and they will approach the owners with the appropriate penalties. We are thankful to the majority of responsible owners who do see the potential dangers this could cause and who make it a habit to be prepared to clean as they go!

H&P have been in touch with the Dog Fouling department of GCC who are planning an assessment visit to Glasgow Harbour and will assist with signage to hopefully help deter these practices from continuing.

Our CCTV coverage will also be effective in identifying those who continue with acting irresponsibly.

Let's all be good neighbours and do all we can to ensure our environment remains safe and clean for everyone.


Dog fouling poster.

We're not going to stand in it anymore.