Glasgow City Council contacts

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For a wealth of information visit their web site:

  • Recycling Locations and Information.
  • For Bulk collection either call 0141 287 9700 or else visit theirweb page.
  • The Clean Glasgow web page will help you with Litter, Dog Fouling, Graffiti, Fly Posting and Illegal Dumping. Send them an email at or call them on 0800 027 7027 where the enforcement team will take your statement and then approach the offending owner.
  • Call Environmental control on 0141 287 6637 for Commercial Waste, Dog Fouling, Domestic Waste, Fly Tipping, Abandoned Trailers and the Disposal of Litter or else visit their web pages.
  • For Council Roads and Lighting Faults outside of Glasgow Harbour call 0800 37 36 35.
  • For Noise Pollution visit their web pages or call them any time on 0141 287 6688. During office hours (9am to 5pm) the team may be reached by email at At all other times email them at
  • To report anti-social behaviour check the services page on the Glasgow Council web site.