Development Maintenance Operative (DMO)

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The DMO office (formerly known as the concierge suite) in the basement car park can be reached on 0141 337 2763. The address is Block A1, 315, Glasgow Harbour Terraces, GLASGOW, G11 6BL. A member of staff is available from 7am until 7pm seven days a week.

Hacking & Paterson contacts

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The telephone number is 0141 248 5693 while the email address is The web site has contact information with a list of emergency numbers to be used when the concierge is not on duty. Likewise the following numbers should only be used when the concierge is not on duty:

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  • Lift repairs are handled by Kone on 0800 652 0692.
  • For car park gates problems call Lowland Ensor on 01698 376 444.
  • The door entry systems are handled by Walker Security Systems on 0845 225 0600.
  • For fire alarm callouts call Protec on 0870 907 1710 quoting 5791.

Emergency numbers

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The police, fire and ambulance are on 999 or 112. For non-emergency calls to the Strathclyde police the Partick police station number is 0141 532 3500. The address is 609-611, Dumbarton Rd, Glasgow, Lanarkshire G11 6HY. For Crime Stoppers call 0800 555 111. For gas leaks the National Grid should be contacted on 0800 111 999.

Glasgow City Council contacts

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For a wealth of information visit their web site:

  • Recycling Locations and Information.
  • For Bulk collection either call 0141 287 9700 or else visit theirweb page.
  • The Clean Glasgow web page will help you with Litter, Dog Fouling, Graffiti, Fly Posting and Illegal Dumping. Send them an email at or call them on 0800 027 7027 where the enforcement team will take your statement and then approach the offending owner.
  • Call Environmental control on 0141 287 6637 for Commercial Waste, Dog Fouling, Domestic Waste, Fly Tipping, Abandoned Trailers and the Disposal of Litter or else visit their web pages.
  • For Council Roads and Lighting Faults outside of Glasgow Harbour call 0800 37 36 35.
  • For Noise Pollution visit their web pages or call them any time on 0141 287 6688. During office hours (9am to 5pm) the team may be reached by email at At all other times email them at
  • To report anti-social behaviour check the services page on the Glasgow Council web site.