Proprietors’ Association Formation Meeting

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To be held on Monday 6. September 2010 at 7.00pm

You will have received a letter from the factors Hacking and Paterson inviting you to a meeting of the proprietors for the purpose of appointing a committee of management to represent all the proprietors and to adopt a constitution. The Title Deeds for our property require that this be done after the last apartment in the development has been sold by the developers.

In order that the wishes of all proprietors be fairly represented it is a necessary condition that the meeting be attended by a full quorum of the owners or by their proxies. So that we can ensure that we have a quorum would you please fill in the proxy form and send it to Hacking and Paterson even if you plan on being at the meeting. When you arrive at the meeting your proxy form will be returned to you, but in the event you are unable to attend at least you would still be represented.

Without a quorum the Proprietors' Association as currently constituted would not be legally entitled to fully represent the interests of the owners of the flats. This could result in extra costs to all owners if additional meetings had to be called in the attempt to gain a quorum.

Finally, this is your chance to express your views, to meet your fellow owners and neighbours and to help make Glasgow Harbour a place you can feel proud to call home and at the same time a prudent investment.

Below In the column to the right you will find links to a copy of the letter you received from Hacking and Paterson along with copies of the agenda, proposed constitution and proxy voting form. You will also find directions to St Peter's Church Hall.

If you have any questions please be sure to contact us.

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